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“Time is the only constant, and retirement savings is, simply, about accumulating resources faster than we spend them. In our work over 19 years, we help clients discover those very personal and compelling reasons to sacrifice today to prepare for tomorrow. It is as much about discovering purpose as it is about crafting a financial strategy.”

— Craig Van Hulzen, Founder and CEO

Wisdom of Team

Planning for your financial future is about making wise decisions. And wise decisions happen when you have the right information, at the right time, with the right advisor, one who has a fiduciary responsibility to provide you with advice that is 100% in your best interest. This is the reason we don’t sell financial products, and why we stay focused on your whole life, not just your financial life.

Our Financial Planning for Life process carefully captures important information about your hopes and dreams and concerns and fears, then leads you systematically through a series of important decisions to build a plan that makes your vision of the future a reality.

To get all of this right, you need a team, which is why all of our advisors work as a part of a team with client care professionals, investment managers and administrative specialists, all dedicated to your Financial Life Plan. For almost 20 years, we have refined our process to help you make better choices so you can have the financial life you want and deserve.

5 Strategies for Stress-Free Retirement Planning

Learn from the latest research on stress and retirement preparation, including 5 practical ways you can take steps toward finding peace of mind along the journey of wealth management and retirement planning. Download the free ebook now.
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This Is What Van Hulzen Client Care Looks Like

Investment Insight

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Listening carefully to your story while utilizing powerful investment tools and a tried-and-true process, we provide deep dive analysis and solutions.

Investment Committee Philosophy

Decisions aren’t made by one person; rather, a seasoned team of professionals work together on your behalf. You benefit from the wisdom of a team.
Client Care

Client Service Guarantee

Our Client Service Guarantee means a live person answers your call during business hours. After hours, we’ll call you the next business day.

Complimentary Reviews

Our complimentary portfolio reviews are available for anyone interested in a professional portfolio analysis. Clients benefit from regular and ongoing analysis.

Socially Responsible Portfolios

We support your investment values and desires when you are looking for socially responsible investment opportunities.
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