Why Our Clients Stay

“Many of our clients can be nervous about choosing the right investments. It is why our advice goes beyond a report full of numbers and graphs. It is human and personal. From the first day we opened our doors, our focus has remained on each client’s personal financial opportunities and needs.”

— Craig Van Hulzen, Founder and CEO

Insight, Care & Consistency

We believe financial success is a confidence achieved through wise and disciplined decision-making about every area of a person’s life, not only financial matters. That’s a tall order unless you have trustworthy advice from a close ally, one who really cares about your whole life. The problem today is most advisors focus only on the financial aspect.

But research tells us that no matter what the numbers look like, for most investors anxiety remains a big part of the picture.

That’s why over twenty years ago, with a vision to provide smart financial advice and truly exceptional client care, Craig Van Hulzen asked, “Does it have to be one or the other? Smart advice or caring client services?”

That tenacious determination launched our firm in 1998, starting with one Van Hulzen client, then another, and then another until now we serve hundreds of clients to help them develop a confident financial life, free of worry and concern. Today, we refer to these two pillars of our business approach simply as insight and care.

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Investment, Advisory and Client Services

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Craig Van Hulzen
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
As founder and CEO of Van Hulzen Asset Management, Craig has been dedicated to educating people and organizations in the area of financial education for many years. As a risk management professional, he served in the role of expert witness for several states, and he worked as a technical consultant to domestic and foreign investment firms. In addition, Craig served as a lead manager of a private long/short equity fund and manager of a 1940 Act mutual fund. In 2011, he co-founded the Iron Horse Fund. Today, he gives  technical and options advice to other registered investment advisors. As a seasoned writer, he is the author of several white papers on options utilization in portfolios, and regularly shares his insights with readers of national media, including Business Week, Fortune Online, Financial Planning and USA Today. Craig also serves as a board member on various for-profit and non-profit organizations and foundations. An interesting fact: Craig holds the record for the most strikeouts recorded in California high school baseball.
Craig Van Hulzen, Founder and CEO

Committing People & Resources

“As we have grown over the past 19 years, we’ve been sure to dedicate the people and resources needed to assure the same personalized service our first clients came to expect. This has been our most important investment, and one you can count on us making in the years ahead.”

–Craig Van Hulzen

Amber Adams
Client Services Lead
Amber Adams serves as VAM’s Director of Client Services and leads the team that provides communications and administrative support for our advisors and their relationships with our clients. She also serves as the Office Manager for our Jackson location. An interesting fact: Amber is involved in her local community theatre as a director and actor, serving as the Production Manager on the Board of Directors for the Volcano Theatre Company.
Amber Adams, Director of Client Services
Gretchen Aubrey, Research Analyst
Gretchen joined the Van Hulzen team in July of 2018. Her passion for numbers and the investment process translates into her work as she assists in the firm’s research analysis, trading, and portfolio strategy. Outside of work, Gretchen enjoys serving with her husband in the high school ministry at their church and in various nonprofits in the community. An interesting fact: Gretchen enjoys running and has completed two half marathons.
Gretchen Aubrey, Research Analyst
Rhett Beal
Vice President, Financial Advisor & Accounting
Rhett Beal has worked at Van Hulzen Asset Management since July of 2012. Today, he serves on the wealth management advisory team and helps manage the firm’s equity portfolios along with overseeing the firm’s internal operations and accounting. When not at work, Rhett and his wife enjoy serving as leaders and board members of non-profit organizations seeking to mentor and serve high school students in the community. An interesting fact: Rhett received Student Athlete Academic All-America honors while at Point Loma Nazarene University.
Rhett Beal – Vice President, Financial Advisor & Accounting
Julie Bracken
Director of Client Services

Julie Bracken has been a professional in the financial arena for over 24 years. She has served clients in many capacities, including  wealth & trust management, compliance, operations, mutual fund and insurance.  Her passion is the care and assistance she provides clients to attain and achieve their life goals, always championing projects with enthusiasm.  A few interesting facts: Julie enjoys gardening, nuzzling on her four rescue animals, and hiking the forests or coastlines of the Pacific Northwest.

Julie Bracken, Client Relations Manager
Jarrod Jacobi
Senior Financial Advisor, AWMA®
Jarrod joined VAM in 2017 as a Senior Financial Advisor with over 23 years of experience and a passion for translating clients’ dreams into action with comprehensive, customized wealth management and retirement planning strategies. He is an active member of numerous professional and non-profit associations. A few interesting facts: When not outside running, mountain biking, dual-sport motorcycling or backcountry skiing, he can be found reading a good book on military or investment history. He is also a pretty good cook.
Jarrod Jacobi, Senior Financial Advisor, AWMA®
Chadd Miller
Chief Operating Officer
Chadd joined Van Hulzen Asset Management in February of 2017.  He brings more than 20 years of executive leadership experience to his role of leading key initiatives, developing strategic alliances, and ensuring that systems and staff support the mission of the firm.  He also oversees the business development and marketing functions for Van Hulzen. Most recently, Chadd served as President of Glazier Clinics, the nation’s largest provider of athletic coach education.  During his tenure, the firm grew from 8 to 33 employees, and quadrupled in revenue. Chadd holds a B.A. in Business Administration/Marketing from Point Loma Nazarene University and an M.B.A. in Market Strategy from Regis University. An interesting fact: Chadd has also been a football coach for 23 years.
Chadd Miller, Chief Operating Officer
Brad Nicholson
Senior Vice President, Certified Financial Planner®
Brad joined the Van Hulzen team in 2003. Today, he leads our wealth management advisory team and directs our mutual fund research team. Brad enjoys volunteering at his church with high school students and serving on the financial committee, as well as coaching his kids sports teams. An interesting fact: In college Brad earned 1st team All America for NAIA-I in basketball, as well as Academic All America honors.
Brad Nicholson, CFP® and Senior Vice President
Chris Schreur
Senior Vice President
Chris joined Van Hulzen Asset Management in 2006 after being the Chief Bank Investment Officer of the Los Alamos National Bank. He serves on the Investment Committee as Chief Economist, manages equity and fixed income, and leads all trading activities. Chris also shares his financial insights as an author and speaker. An interesting fact: Chris is also a coach for the Folsom Fusion, a girl’s AAU basketball program in Folsom, CA.
Chris Schreur, Senior Vice President
Sean Sowers
Client Services Associate
Sean joined Van Hulzen Asset Management in August 2017 and serves in the role of client services associate supporting the operational needs of the team.  Prior to joining Van Hulzen, Sean was a licensed securities and options principal for over 20 years.  He holds a B.S. in Business Administration with an option in Finance from California State University, East Bay. A few interesting facts: Sean enjoys doing woodworking and DIY projects around the house, volunteering in the Folsom community and traveling throughout the United States.
Sean Sowers, Client Services Associate
Stefan ten Brink
Managing Director
Stefan joined Van Hulzen Asset Management in 2011 and oversees global portfolio management. Stefan managed the equity portfolio at Ahold Pension Fund before accumulating 20 years of advising experience at Petercam Asset Management in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Stefan is Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA) and also co-manages the Iron Horse Fund. An interesting fact: Stefan is an accomplished skier and has served as ski patrol for the last 4 years.
Stefan ten Brink, Managing Director
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